Platzverweis is an agency for locations and service production based in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany. Platzverweis has been actively scouting, collecting and mediating locations in Germany for the past 15 years.

Our extensive database include sophisticated indoor locations , industrial styled warehouses and lots of scenic outdoor locations.

We offer full service production for any type of assistance needed with location management for your production based in Stuttgart and surrounding regions.

In the past years we have gained experience by supporting popular and award winning film and foto productions in areas such as „protagonist, Selbstbekenner", landscape scouting and providing unique private indoor locations, exclusively available through Platzverweis.

Our network in Stuttgart and surrounding regions will offer you not only booking of our wide ranging location database and scouting experience, but also casting of extras and international models supported by regional agencys.

As a special service we offer scouting for your automotive productions. These will be carried out by our scouts who share a longtime experience concerning the special demands an automotive campaign brings with it  – as our extensive client list in this area reveals.

Please check our references for further information.